Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Weekend Madness!

Thanksgiving festivities were even better than I had anticipated. Amy and I joined the Miller family (including their cousin Lauren and both their grandmas), as well as two Navy guys Nick and Jacob who weren't able to go home for the holidays. It was a great group and we had a lot of fun laughing, playing games, and wait for it....hearing the neighbor's son play the bagpipes! Random I know, but he came over and entertained us after our was actually pretty neat. :)

Friday night Amy and I went over to Nick's where we watched "One Night With the King" and played Call of Duty and Rockband with him and Gerrit. These guys are so funny....they get so into these games! I just don't get it...maybe because I didn't grow up with video games and such I don't understand the amazingness of them?? was fun to play their games with them and I'm pretty sure my pathetic attempts at actually succeeding at any of them gave them a good laugh as well. ;)

Saturday consisited of massive amounts of fun! Tim planned for several of us to drive to Seattle to see a play of "A Christmas Carol". The girls dressed up in fancy dresses and the boys wore nice jackets and ties. We all looked pretty darn amazing if I may say so myself. :) Tim drove a van which most people rode in and Nick drove my car with me and Amy. In our car we basically had a worship session all the way to Seattle and I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome. :) I just love worshipping with friends and it made me especialy happy that neither Amy nor Nick held back but sang loud and with whatever emotion the song brought to them. What a great way to start an evening! We got to the theater just in time for the play and it was FANTASTIC!! I am officially ready for the Christmas season! lol Afterwards we decided to visit the gum wall...which is cool and disgusting all at the same time...haha and Nick, Amy, and I wandered around Seattle a bit because we were seperated from the other group. What a glorious night!

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