Thursday, December 3, 2009


I complain a lot. Now I don't mean I'm a grumpy gus all the time or anything (at least I don't think I am!) but I've realized more and more that I am much more likely to tell someone what went wrong in my day instead of what went right...what blessings the Lord has given me. That is not o.k. Now if something really great happens that I've been waiting for then that's the first thing I talk about but what about the little things?

The past two days God has given us glorious sunshine during the day and clear, beautiful skies at night with the most gorgeous moon you've ever seen. Did I stand amazed in the midst of His creation?? No, I complained about the fact that it's now cold enough that I have to scrap frost off my car. What a selfish child of the King I've become. He gives and gives yet I look at him and say, "That's all ya got for me? Gee thanks."

Gee thanks!? He's given me a roof over my head, food to eat, friends to laugh and grow with all over the country, a family that loves me, a new adventure and place to explore and wonder at, gifts and abilities that I love, a season of life that is so unique and irreplaceable, and most importantly his never-ending, never-failing, never-lessening love.

It seems I have quite a bit to be thankful for and I think it's time I started appreciating it and giving glory to the One who's given it all. So thank you, Abba, Father, for the blessings big and small that you gently place in my life every single day. Help me recognize each blessing and stop to take the time to thank you for them.


  1. What a great reminder in my own life. Thanks!

  2. Great thoughts dude. I know we are all guilty of this, and even though we are aware of it, it's definitely easier to see the things that we don't have vice the things that we do.

    I'm going to think about this and see how much I can better my attitude. Thanks for sharing.