Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I wish I had a job. The company that had originally said they were interested have now decided not to hire anyone until at least the beginning of next year. I’m starting to get really frustrated and I hate that I’m basically taking advantage of the goodwill of others. I want so badly to get to the point where life is normal here but alas it seems changes are coming in great heaps in the near future. Matt returns on Saturday…I believe it will be fine in general but I am a bit nervous about it all. We don’t know each other and with Amy working during the day there could be some awkward “Ok, so we’re both in the house without Amy” moments. Haha…

Also big news is that Matt’s daughter may indeed be moving out here soon. This was looking like it wasn’t going to happen but apparently things have changed. My thoughts on this are still a bit muddled. I think it would be a great thing for this young girl to be here where she would have good role models (of course ;) and could be closer to her father.I also think it will change Amy and I’s lives. Amy’s more drastically than mine. We’re 23….we’re used to complete freedom, having people over until all hours of the morning, and occasionally being really random and silly around the house…sillier than 23 year olds should probably be! Haha!

Anyway, there are many more things that could be happening in the future none of which are things I can control or change and it seems rather ridiculous to wish I could so I will continue to put my faith and trust in the Father who loves me unconditionally and who has already laid out a perfect plan for my life.

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