Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Car Accidents and Relationship Discussions...It Must Be Monday

As I was driving to my friend Tim's house yesterday I was in a car accident. Thankfully it was a very small incident, it wasn't my fault, and a cop happened to be sitting right there and saw/videotaped the whole thing. Things like this always upset me so of course I cried but honestly I was fine and only minor work will need to be done to the car. I called Tim and told him I would be late and he came and sat with me while the cop took care of all the paperwork and photos. It was nice to have someone with me to keep my mind off what had happened and all the thoughts of everything I'll have to do now.

I must admit that I was pretty nervous about meeting Tim but I have been pleasantly surprised at the way our friendship has been developing. We both seem to be quite comfortable making fun of each other as well as ourselves and the sarcastic nature we seem to share is fantastic and makes for good times. :)

After getting everything squared away with the cop Tim and I headed out to have coffee, which is why I was on my way to meet him in the first place. It was quite an enjoyable time of just getting to know one another better and having a slightly deeper discussion on what God's purpose was in creating us. We talked a lot about loving God, loving others, building relationships with people around us, and how we do that/what that looks like in our lives.

Relationship. It was almost funny that this was the topic Tim brought up because it's the thing I've been struggling with the most since being here. How do I form relationships with these people? What is my role in the relationships that are already formed? What are appropriate and inappropriate ways for me to move forward with building meaningful relationships with people-especially since the group I'm becoming a part of is mostly guys? (all but one of which are at least 2 years, most of them 3-4 years, younger than I am)

I still don't really have an answer to any of those questions except time. All I can really do at this point is continue to make myself available to people in situations I know they are comfortable with. I would love to sit down one-on-one with several of these people but at the same time I don't want them to feel like they have to...uh...I'm overthinking like a typical girl. haha...Right now I'll just try to be part of their lives...I'll go shooting with the guys, to plays and Sunday lunches with the group, and appreciate the small steps forward being made. :)

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