Monday, November 2, 2009

So It Begins

Today I said goodbye to the girl who has known me since I was three. We've always been best friends. We always will be best friends. I will miss her terribly. With that final farwell my goodbyes have ended pretty much ended, leaving only my immediate family. My church, my friends, my family, it's all done. Part of me is so glad that it's over and that this chapter of my life is officially closing. Another part finds it painfully bittersweet as I prepare for the crazy whirlwind adventure awaiting me in Washinton. I am ready, but I am also scared. Things are looking good, including the fact that I got a job interview. God is continuing to open doors for me; continuing to show me that this is indeed His will for my life. I'm excited to see Amy again, to meet new people, to jump into new ministry opportunities. Most of all right now I am just excited to be there. I do not look forward to the next 5 days I will spend in the car, though it is a bit of a necessary part of my :) I suppose I'm rambling a bit but it's my journal and therefore my right to do so. Ah well...I shall close now anyway and continue to prepare for my journey-mostly by going to bed. 1o hours in the car tomorow...I definitely need my rest.

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