Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm Here!!!

Well friends I have finally made it! After 5 long days of traveling I have reached my final destination in Oak Harbor, WA!! The journey was a good and BEAUTIFUL one! God granted us constant saftey on the road, great weather, the car worked well, we were able to rest each night, and I got to experience new and breathtaking scenes of God's creative talents displayed all over!!! It was my first time seeing mountains and I often found myself with tears in my eyes as my entire being was overwhelmed with joy. We are such a small piece of all that God has created and he loves us the MOST...what an awesome and humbling thought! :)

During the journey we stopped at interesting places (including a gas station with a sign that said "Baby rattlers inside-enter with caution")! haha! My mom and I had a good time driving to Nebraska and visiting a friend of mine I hadn't seen in a long time. Later, Amy and I were able to share many times of laughter, excitement, personal struggles and fears, and the encouragement that only true friends can bring to one another. What a blessing the whole journey has been! I find myself nervous but also incredibly excited to see what the next part of the journey holds for me! Until next time! :)

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