Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I woke up to the brilliance of the sun shining through my window this morning...it was simply glorious. :) Yesterday was a rainy, windy day. I didn't really mind during the day but for some reason, once the darkness of night had set in the howling wind and pounding rain became an almost frightening thing, especially once Amy had gone to bed. It was such a lonely sound and I felt lonely in the midst of it...

Anyway, those feelings from last night have dissipated and I'm thankful for a new day. I must admit that as soon as the weekdays begin I am ready for the weekend to start. Why?? I am so bored!! Not to mention, I'm alone from the time I wake up until almost 6pm when Amy gets home from work. During the week I crave human interaction...on the weekend I can't seem to get away from human interaction. haha...don't get me wrong, I've actually been loving it.

Last weekend Amy and I had a fairly large group of people over to watch Defiance. It was a great movie but I felt completely emotionally drained at the end. Still, I recommend seeing it. :) On Saturday several of us saw a movie then went out for dinner. After that we made pop bottle bombs. Yeah, we're awesome. :) I actually had a really good time helping put them together and then watching them blow up! They smelled really bad though...On Sunday Amy and I saw a movie on base for free with Tim and Nick. It was a really good movie and the company was quite enjoyable. I really do like smaller group interactions better. Amy and I bummed around the house for a couple hours after that just talking and watching a little of Braveheart. :) Then we headed to the Pier which is her church's young adults group. It was good as well. It has been wonderful to talk with people from this group or just watch their actions and see how much they honestly love God and want to serve Him with their lives. One of the individuals in the group, named Anthony, left yesterday for Kitar. (sp?) We as a group laid hands on him and his fiance Holly and sent them off with our love and prayers upon them. That, in my mind, is what Christian friendship should be about-a willingness to pray for each other and support each other beyond the "normal" perimeters we so often bind ourselves with.

Next weekend Amy and I have been invited to have dessert at the pastor's house from the church we've been attending. There will be other people there that are newer to the church as well. It should be a nice time to meet new people and make a connection with the pastor and his wife. On Saturday we're going to Burlington to shop during the day and in the evening we're getting a group of gals together to see New Moon. Sunday is the big day of the weekend though because after church I, along with several others, am going shooting. I've never even held a gun let along shot one so this should be quite an interesting experience and, since I tend to shy away from experiences that make me nervous or could possibly make me look like an idiot...I'm really nervous! haha...I know it will be fine I just wish I knew what to expect. Oh well...I guess I'll just hang on and enjoy the ride of more new experiences!

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