Sunday, January 10, 2010

This, That, and Other Ramblings

Life can be really hard. Sorry if I scared anyone with that last post. Sometimes ya just need to get stuff out. Posting about it helped a little. Taking it to God helped a whole lot more. Thanks to those that were praying for me. I know you're out there. :)

Some friends took me and Amy to a special spot at Fort Ebey yesterday. It was magnificent. At first everything was covered by fog but the longer we waited the more the fog lifted revealing waters of the Puget Sound, a rocky beach below us, and in the distance...mountains. Gorgeous. Breathtaking. Overwhelming. Awesome. Amazing. There aren't enough words to express the joy that filled my soul as I sat overlooking these sites that God has created. I pray that I never lose that sense of awe I feel when I look at the beauty surrounding me here.

Let's see, what else is new...I've been feeling very lightheaded off and on the past couple days. I just feel a little weird my body is about to wage war against me...It wouldn't be the first time. Hopefully it will be kind to me this time.

Amy is making me pancakes right now. I love her. I love living with her. I'm really thankful for her friendship and I like laughing with her a lot. Ok, ok...I like laughing with anyone a lot. :)

I'm having a really good hair day. I thought this was an important fact of my life that everyone should know. ;)

Tonight: The Pier! It will be good to see everyone again and have some fellowship time. I'm quite looking forward to it.

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  1. Ha! I am glad you were having a great hair day! :) And I am glad you got out and got to experience the mountains and beauty that He has blessed us with here in the NW. Love you!