Friday, January 1, 2010

The Smell

There is never a dull moment in our lives...haha!

One fine day there was a girl named Sara who had great expectations for the day, especially since it was New Year's Eve! As she descended the stairs she noticed a foul smell. The girl gave the smell little thought and headed out for a morning stroll at Ala Spit. (A local spot...very pretty. :) When she returned from her walk the girl entered the house and was bombarded by the foul smell once again. "Where is that smell coming from" she asked another girl, Mandy, in the house. No definitive answer could be given so Sara went about her business and began frantically cleaning the house for the New Year's Eve party she and her friend Amy had planned for that evening.

As the day progressed the strange smell became worse and worse until Matt, the owner of the home brought up the smell and asked if Sara knew what it was. While discussing the matter they both remembered a conversation Sara had had with a neighbor a few weeks previous about rats in the area. Sara also remembered that she and Amy had heard strange sounds coming from the fireplace. Coincidence? I think not! New Year's Eve is no time to go rat hunting so Matt promised to check into things the next day.

When Sara awoke in the morning she hoped and prayed the smell would magically be gone but to her great dismay the smell was not only still there but worse than the day before! Matt went under the house and found the spot where rats could get in yet found no real evidence of any rats down there. Sara, Amy, and Mandy were all disappointed that the source of the smell could still not be found.

The inhabitants of the house decided to go out for the evening and when they returned the smell was simply unbearable and they all began sniffing around the house trying to pinpoint the exact spot it was coming from. Finally, Matt closely investigated the fireplace and there it was! A dead rat that had broken into two pieces and that quickly filled the house with horrid, stomach-churning smells. Matt made quick work of removing the rat from the house and used bleach to clean the area and help with the smell. Oh how the women of the house rejoiced!!

With the opening of her eyes and the greeting of a new day Sara, and her housemates, will have the comfort of knowing that the air they breath is fresh and clean once again!

The End.


  1. This is hilarious, Sara!! We have smelled no such terribleness in our apartment...yet. :) :)

  2. I hope you NEVER have to experience such a thing! I don't think I've ever lit so many smelly candles in my life! haha! I hope you are doing well!