Friday, January 1, 2010

"The Puzzle"

The real life tale of two women and their adventures. :)

Today, on the 19th day of December, in the year 2009 we found ourselves shipwrecked! Things looked grim for a moment...stranded as the darkness of night descended. Then, using out keen, womanly intellect...we called a man. Lo and behold! (Enter hero) Stephen the Brave vows to face the great unknown and rescue fair maidens!

Meanwhile, damsels now in no distress at all, and having way too much fun, enter Don's Pharmacy to prepare for the long night ahead with Amy's visiting Aunt Flo. While wandering aimlessly many trinkets, sights, and smells greeted our senses. Our favorite items can only be truly understood when experienced. However, every man should smell like the candles we bought and Sara can hardly wait for the day when her old lady face will bring joy and laughter to the world like the one on the card she found. After enjoying a lovely Mexican dinner, they took a not-so-moonlight stroll. Within a few short steps two dark figures emerged from the shadows and made their way closer towards us. Because our hero had not yet arrived, we made our way towards the warmth and light of the ferry station rather than moving closer to the sinister figures of the night.

Good books and Achmed the Dead Terrorist entertained us until Stephen the Brave arrived in his faithful chariot. He was greeted with smiles, hugs, and much rejoicing. The three journeyed onward through twisting roads, heavy fog, treacherous ferries, outrageous pop machines, and Amy's inability to text.

Finally at days end our friends welcomed us home and we said goodbye to our dear friend Justin, who's off to an adventure of his own. As fair maidens laid their heads upon their pillows they gave a contented sigh as they reflected on the unexpected joys of a "quick trip" to Port Townsend for yes, you guess it, a puzzle.

The End.

Written By: Sara Burris and Amy Malmkar


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"The Smell"

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