Saturday, January 23, 2010

There Ya Go!

Today Matt, Amy, and I went to Seattle to go to the IKEA store and buy an armour for Amy and I's room. Hmm..I suppose I haven't mentioned why Amy and I will be sharing a room yet. Basically Matt's daughter Mandy is supposed to be coming out to live with us. Things are complicated and not yet definite so I'll just have to keep ya'll posted about that one as the details get worked out!

Anyway, back to my story! On the way out of Oak Harbor we stopped at a gas station. Matt offered to get us something to eat and/or drink so we all started walking toward the station. We noticed that there were two vehicles with very nicely dressed people in them. "How fun!" we thought...just then a nicely dressed young man walked out of the station and Amy holds her hand out and says, "There ya go Sara!" The young man's eyebrows went up and I gasped and stared at Amy with wide-eyed wonder that she would say something so bluntly right in front of a person! We get into the station and Amy wants to know what I'm so upset about so I explained that I didn't appreciate her proclaiming that I might be interested in someone, especially right in front of him! She gasps and finally explains that she was talking about a "help wanted" sign in the window! Unfortunately Matt and I, and I'm afraid this young man as well, all thought she was talking about something very different! haha!

There will never be a dull moment in my life with Amy around... :)

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  1. HA! Oh man. I mean...she HAS been known to just put things out there, so I don't think I would've put this past her... :)