Wednesday, July 27, 2011

For Amy

I'm posting a new blog...will you stop whining now?? haha

My life is just never that exciting and unlike some people I have trouble writing random posts about whatever happens to be flying through my brain at that particular moment. ;)

The big exciting thing is that I get to go home to Indiana in a week and a half!!!! I am greatly anticipating spending time with my family, my best friend, and all of my amazing friends from Bethel and OGBC! What a blessing it will be to reconnect with so many people. This will be my first long visit home so I'll be able to see a lot more people and do a lot more as well. I hate the plane trip out but the time I get to have is so sweet once I'm there! :)

Other than that I'm just plugging away at life. Working hard at the clinic, housesitting for a few people, helping with VBS, continuing to help lead worship at church, and trying to spend some time with friends when they're around! Celebrating the marriage of two good friends last weekend (who met at my house!!! ;) was an added blessing recently.

So basically my life continues to be crazy but overall pretty wonderful. I am trying to be continually faithful to my awesome God and always working on trusting and relying on Him more. (especially where my future is concerned--husband, kids, ect. Oh how the desires of our hearts can seperate us from the Lord if we let them!) Also trying to practice thankfulness-because there really is so very much to be thankful for!! :)

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