Monday, March 21, 2011


Amy and I went on a little trip this weekend and wrote a story about our adventures....enjoy the story and pictures! :)

Two friends packed up for a trip far away
Buying two decks of cards so they could play on the way.
They hopped on a bus, then a plane, then another.
One always slept, but never the other.
Arriving in 'Bama they greeted dear friends
Then stopped by the Walmart for a few odds and ends.
Amy "McSpeedy" went for a run.
But a mean dog's cruel bite made it no fun.
Rivers of tears flooded the streets.
As she yelled at the dogs "I am not meat!"
Later that day the friends all got pretty
And drove to a wedding in a big hurry.
The dazzling bride walked down the aisle
And greeted the groom with a big, loving smile.
We made no attempt to conceal our tears
For we love our Miriah and will for all years.
The garter was tossed and the bouquet was thrown
Then it was time for us all to go home.
Sleeping late gave us much needed rest
Then Lindsay made yummy "eggs in a nest"
Off to Jim and Nicks BBQ we we went
None of us caring how much we spent.
Stuffed to the brim we headed outside
For a day in the gardens with games by our side.
The glorious sunshine and warmth on our face
Suddenly made Alabama the most magical place!
Several hours later we headed for home
Where Amy and Sara took a walk all alone.
Dinner was served, every plate was wiped clean
We admired the moon while making ice cream
The hour got late, we all went to bed
But Amy and Sara talked all night instead.
Morning came quickly at 5 we arose
Our time in Alabama had come to a close.
Back to the airport Blake drove us with care
Saying goodbye just didn't seem fair.
We rushed to our plane thinking we were quite late
To find masses of people still at our gate.
A mechanical problem put us behind
So Amy got breakfast, paying Sara no mind.
The plane finally came and Dallas was great
but now we're headed to Seattle and we can hardley wait.
Travel is fun and never a bore
We'll do it again when we're not so dang poor!

The End!

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