Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby Love

Have you ever noticed that babies seem to bring out the best in us? Even the meaniest, crankiest people normally soften, smile, giggle, talk funny, look funny, and do the funniest things just to make a baby happy...just to show that child love. And we get so much joy out of it in return!

So here's what I want to know...why don't we love everyone around us the way we love babies? I'm not saying we need to act all goofy with each other but the core of what makes us do all those crazy things is a genuine desire to reach out, to show love, and to bring joy. Isn't this what Christ has called us to do with those around us? What is so scary about showing kindness and love to people once they pass age 6? Why is it so difficult for us to step out in faith and embrace whoever God has surrounded us with right now? Maybe it's a coworker or client at your job, maybe it's the person right behind you in the grocery store line, or maybe it's even the person sitting next to you in church every Sunday. I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Smile at people, engage them in friendly converstaion, get to know them, and be willing to truly care about and love people this week. I think we'll all be surprised at the impact it has, not only on our relationships with people but also on our own hearts and our relationship with Christ.

*And just a side note...I'm talking to myself just as much if not MORE than anyone who happens to be reading this! Getting out of my comfort zone is so hard for me but I really want to strive to show love, joy, and friendship to those around me. You never know who might really need a bit more of all that in their lives!*

So let's go for it and show people some good ol' fashioned "Baby Love!" :)

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