Monday, May 31, 2010

Late Night Thinking Leads To Confused Ranting

Have you ever wanted to write about something but you didn't know how to put it it a way that wouldn't make people ask you a thousand questions or start suspecting something about you that may or may not be true? Or that you at least don't really want people talking about because it's not really that exciting in reality anyway it's just something that excites you even though there's probably no reason for it too?? Have I completely lost you and compelled you to do exactly that which I am writing in hopes of people not doing??


Maybe I should just go to bed and keep all thoughts to myself...

And so, Goodnight :]


  1. I love you...and the fact that you so often write the blabberings of my own mind! :-)

  2. Nope. You didn't compell me to comment. It was my own choice. :) So, what are you excited about?

  3. If I had wanted you to know I would've written it out Timothy... ;)Really it's nothing and the excitement that was there has pretty much dissolved. Back to reality :)