Friday, May 21, 2010

And So It Goes

It would take too long to go through the craziness of my life from the past month so here's some highlights :)

*The Bethel Concert Choir came to our town and sang at our church. What a blessing and pleasure it was to see so many old friends and hear such beautiful music! I am so glad they were able to come and that our church responded so positively to the whole thing!

*My job has been a constant up and down ride. Overall, I really hate it. God has recently blessed me with some wonderful clients that make my job so much more pleasant than it once was but I'm still not getting many hours which means I'm not making much money.

*On the upside of the job stuff...I had an interview with the Pregnancy Care Clinic this past week for either their Administrative Assistant position or their Career Services Director position and am hoping and praying that they hire me for one of them! Time will prayer is that I would have peace about whatever decision is made and that I will remember that it is God's plan for my life that rules, not my plan.

*Two of my good friends and brothers in Christ left for deployments this week. I already miss them. I saw a bakery the other day and heard a song that instantly made me think of Nick. I got a hangnail today and automatically thought of Timothy. (haha ;) When these little things bring my friends to mind I try to make sure I stop to say a little prayer for them. I figure they are coming to mind for a reason. :]

*My parents will be here a week from tomorrow. Weird. Crazy. Exciting. I hope we have great weather and that they are able to see why I love it so much here. I wish Erin could come with them...maybe next time... :)

*I am struggling to wait patiently for love. And too often I fear that it will simply never happen for me. There. I said it. Prayer would be greatly appreciated as I work on allowing God to fill every part of me and trusting that He can and will provide for all my needs.

*I can feel that life is changing. I don't exactly know what that means or where it will take me next. Part of me is excited. The other part is nervous. Again...trusting Him to work it all out...

*One of my best friends will be having her second child in a month. The other has entered into a new and exciting time in her life. I'm so happy for both of them and I love them both so much. God has truly blessed me in the friend department!

*That last sentence goes for all my friends. They're literally all over the world now and I love each of them so much and for so many different reasons. Isn't it so fun to think about the various ways God brings people together and forms relationships?? It's amazing when you think about it...

*I'm so glad I serve a God who care about every detail, no matter how small it may be


  1. Oh Sara...

    My heart goes out to you on this cold and wet night here in the humid tropics of Japan. I wish I could just come over and hug you for a while, but I know I cannot. And so, I write. And pray. Constantly.

    I know life is changing, and though you enjoy the middle of the boat, I hope maybe that my button pushing (aside from flat out annoying you) has helped you in the mentality of 'going beyond the comfort zone.' Jobs, Love, Life.

    And hangnails? :) Why, because I am a nuisance you just can't really get rid of? :) Or because I am a part of you now, whether you like it or not? :) Or because no matter how cruel you treat me, I just won't leave you? :D

    lol jk. But I love you, Miss. I really do. <3

  2. I wish I could come too! And also, I'm just wondering if you've ever read "His Princess: Love Letters from Your King" by Sheri Rose Shepherd or "His Princess Bride: Love Letters from Your Prince" by Sheri Rose Shepherd. These are great books! I highly reccommend them!

  3. Oh Tim...
    haha...hangnails. Remember that one time when you asked me to bite off your hangnail for you...yeah. that's what I thought of the other day. So gross. lol Love you :)

    Erin, No I haven't read any of those. I've heard of them though. Perhaps I'll check them out. Thanks! :)