Thursday, February 25, 2010


After 4 months of waiting (mostly impatiently I'll admit) God has finally opened up the door for me to start working! I will be working for an organization called Visiting Nurse Home Care. They work with elderly and disabled individuals in their homes, much like my job in Indiana. I don't have many details yet but I have orientation next Tuesday so I will try to fill in the gaps after that!

I could hardly believe it when I received the call last Thursday for an interview with the company. The reason this was all so unbelievable was the timing of the call.

Just the night before God and I had one, in a series of many difficult discussions, about where I tend to place my trust and how that affects the rest of my life. To my surprise the words "I'm so afraid to put all my trust in you" came out of my mouth. I've realized in recent months that it is difficult for me to put all my trust in God but I hadn't realized that even the idea of it scared me. As I continued to talk this through with him I came to the conclusion that I too often place God on the same level as everyone else in my life, including many who have shown me I can't trust them or really depend on them. Deep down, I've been assuming and expecting God to do the same if I handed everything over to him. What an earth-shattering realization.

These thoughts spiraled me into so many questions about my relationship with God and what this meant for me as a Christian. It was so difficult to realize I've been pushing away the ONLY one I can trust with EVERYTHING. I have wonderful friends who I know care for me and are here for me but there are some things that only God can handle and I must refocus my eyes and heart on Him. As I asked his forgiveness for my foolish thoughts and actions I felt a great release. "Peace and joy can be yours when you rest in me" is the message I felt being spoken to my heart along with a resounding promise of "I will never leave you or forsake and I love you."

For awhile at least, I expect that I will daily have to remind myself where my trust belongs but I believe in time, it will become more natural. God has provided so much for me in the midst of searching for a full time job, including small jobs here and there to provide for my basic needs. I am so thankful as I look back and see all he has done.

I need you Jesus to come to my rescue
Where else can I go?
There's no other name by which I am save
Capture me with grace
I will follow you.


  1. Oh and. God is huge. I mean, really REALLY BIG. His power is UNlimited! He desires SO MUCH to show us what He is capable of!! You are a great baker. But if I walked up to you and said, "I don't trust that you can make a cake for me. I will do it myself. Why don't you go ahead and make some easybake cookies or something small, you know, something you can handle." How would that make you feel? You are capable of so much more! And you desire to show me or us that! And I am not trusting you, not truly believing (maybe I believe in my head, but actions are different). That is how God feels when we don't put our full trust in Him, and limit Him with what we think He is capable of. He wants so bady to 'show off' for us! To say, "Come! Look what I can do for you! Come! Look how I can provide for you!"

    And this is easy to see when we are comfortable, have a job and everything in control. It is when our minds are freakn out because of change or instability that we question His true capability. You have seen this now, and praise the Lord! You are on the other side of the fence. He has provided, just like He promised he would for all of His lambs, and you have been tested and learned. I encourage you to write these last 4 months down in a diary or prayer journal or something, so that you may never forget His love. :D We all Love YOU!!!!