Monday, February 15, 2010

Just A Few Things

I'm tired so this will be short and sweet.

1. I have really amazing friends. I love and appreciate each one of them so very much. I hope they know that.

2. Battles I thought were over are now raging again. Small visions that lead to big ideas are bad for my heart. I think the battle will cease once again with time but I'm frustrated that I am weak enough for it to began again in the first place.

3. We have four pet fish at our house now thanks to Amy's birthday. Their names are: Gilbert, Alexandro, Cordelia, and Bo-Ski-Bo (Bo for short). Not quite as friendly as a dog or cat but at least I'll have someone to talk to during the day. ;)

There is a lot more going on but it will have to wait for a time when I can coherently unjumble all the thoughts swimming around my mind. So my friends,

Goodnight. :)


  1. 1. We love you too. (I'm sure I can speak for everyone). :D
    2. I know your best friend lives with you, but if ever you want to go get some Thai Coffee again or take a walk somewhere, lemme know, I would loooove too! :D
    3. How are the 2 remaining doing now? I hope the clean tank and bubbles helped....
    4. A lot more going on...this last weekend was pretty fun. :) And you are working all this week! So I will not hear from you I am sure...for a while at least. :)

    Love you!

  2. Tim,
    You really do bring joy into my life. I'm glad we're friends. :)

    I too would looooove to grab coffee or go on a walk sometime. Perhaps one evening this week? Or during the day or evening next week? Let me know what works for ya.

    Love you!

  3. How about tomorrow, Friday? (Seeing as how you are at work all day today) Maybe tomorrow when you get off...what is that, 5? Lemme know! I am going to see The Book of Eli on base for $3 at 7. Love you too!